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We love travel. We love to travel.

We love the joy travel brings.

Yonda is a Holiday Club with an ambitious and adventurous spirit. Just as travel changes us, we wanted to change travel. Since setting out to create a better way of finding and booking holidays, we've done things differently; gone our own way.

We're a club that believes being on holiday, is to be free. So our members will never be locked into booking at certain times of the year.

We are shaking up the travel scene.

We put our members first.

We're a club that believes our members already deserve a holiday. So there's no reason for them to now have to start earning points.

We're a club that believes travel, not only by its definition, is about going above and beyond. And then returning better for it. So naturally, we want to help our members do the same.

At Yonda, we're a club that goes further, so you can too.

Go further, #goYonda

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