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Exploring Australia

Get excited - it’s time to plan your holiday in Australia! Our island home really has it all - natural wonders, cultural enclaves, endemic animals, a thriving foodie scene and a history that spans over 50,000 years. However the best part of travelling in Australia has got to be our  Aussie hospitality - a “g’day mate” is never far away (and neither is a six-pack of beer!)

Split into six states- there are thousands of Australia holiday itinerary combinations to choose from. And with more and more Australian’s discovering that some of the best travel experiences in the world can be found right here - there’s never been a better time to explore.

Providing  life-changing holiday experiences in Australia is what we’re good at! Take your pick of accommodation near the Daintree in Cairns - an ancient rainforest as old as it is biodiverse. Perhaps you need a hotel close to the world-famous Great Barrier Reef?  A resort in the Outback near Ayers Rock,  a room on Rottnest Island (with window views of Quokkas), or a cabin at Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain? Whatever your travel style, we’ve got an abundance of affordable Australia holiday packages and accommodation to choose from. Whether you’re planning a road trip or flying in and out - browse our list of Aussie accommodation packages here.

Psst: our team is here to help - if you’re stuck just use the chat window or give us a call now.

Top Things To Do in Australia

  • See Uluru. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is world famous for a reason. Imagine, almost 900 metres tall and 3.6 kilometres long in the middle of the red desert, this sacred sandstone rock has got to be the most iconic Australian natural landmark there is. While you’re here - why not check out Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), another jaw-dropping natural attraction here.
  • Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Every Australian needs to experience the GBR. Fringing the upper coastline of Australia, the largest coral reef system in the world will change your perception of coral reefs forever. The colours! The fish! Just amazing.
  • Road trip along the coast (any coast!) From the east to the west, there are some (excuse the expression) ripper road trips to be experienced in Australia. Check out The Great Ocean Road, or even drive from Sydney to Brisbane where you’ll find fabulous coastal views, and some amazing hinterland sights as well.
  • Tick off each capital city. A valiant quest to really get to know know our great country, is to spend time in each capital city. From Melbourne to Perth, each is charming in its own way.
  • Experience Tasmania. Just because good ol' Tassie is off the mainland doesn’t mean it should be off your map. In fact, we’d place it more towards the top of your travel hit-list. With a fabulous food and wine scene and a thriving arts community - you’ll simply love Tasmania.
  • Learn about and immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture. Australia’s First Nations People hail from what’s believed to be the oldest civilisation on earth.Whether it’s buying traditional art or viewing a Corroboree, getting to know Aboriginal Australian history will enrich and educate your Aussie travel experience.

Australia travel tips

  • Pack good quality shoes. From beach to desert, you’ll need shoes that can cope with both!
  • Bring insect repellent. You won't regret it - especially in our wet tropics.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen. Our sun is brutal, especially in summer. Make sure you cover up, bring a hat and apply sunscreen liberally. Hot tip: check your sunscreen is reef safe before you swim near our coral reefs.
  • Respect our beaches. Pick up your rubbish and leave nothing but footprints. Be aware of designated swimming areas and always swim between the flags.
  • Make time for the cities. Allow 2-3 days in each. And if you’re unsure where to choose? A long weekend in Melbourne or on the Gold Coast always hits the spot.