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Our aim

For over 24 years , the name Affordable Holidays has been synonymous with providing value for money holiday experiences. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to provide the best value for money holiday packages possible.

Our wonderful team is totally committed to negotiating the very best deals on behalf of our members. Not happy with just that, our team is totally committed to seeking and developing innovative new benefits that will greatly enhance the value to our members.

We aim to be the industry trend setter but at all times our focus is on our members to ensure that they have the "the experience without the expense".

Our History

The name Affordable Holidays has been around for over 24 years with the current proprietors owning the business since 1998.

Affordable Holidays is a 100% Australian owned and operated business based on The Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

The directors of the company have owned and operated many resorts since 1988 and it was their desire to have greater control and input into their marketing strategies that led them to purchasing Affordable Holidays.

While initially the Directors were focused on marketing their own resorts it quickly became obvious that their clients were wanting more and more variety, choice and flexibility in their holiday packages. With this in mind, Affordable Holidays recently launched the Vacation Club, which gives their customers access to over a hundred resorts Australia wide and to international resorts in New Zealand and Fiji.

The vision for the future is to greatly expand our range of value added products for our members. Our innovative and enthusiastic team are committed to keeping the Affordable Holidays product as the industry leader while at all times keeping the interest of our members paramount.

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