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About Us

Affordable Holidays is now proudly owned and part of the Yonda Holiday Group, where helping people experience happiness through a holiday isn't just our focus, it's our purpose. We understand that for many, a holiday is one of the few chances in someone's life when they are able to truly unwind, go discover something new, or spend quality time with the ones they love most. It's the time when people create memories they remember forever.

Because of this, we want to help anyone who chooses to holiday with us make the most of this truly precious time.

By bringing together Australia's favourite travel brands and destinations, we create the most worthwhile holiday deals available. Working closely with our partners, we ensure only the best end-to-end service. We value our partnerships and our focus is on building relationships with partners which will achieve results, longevity and growth.

Behind the team at Yonda Holiday Group are the sibling duo who were honoured with the coveted Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards, for Tourism in 2018. Having built a successful Australian, family-owned and operated tourism marketing business since 2006, the Gold Coast born & bred siblings are excited to bring a new start-up creative tourism marketing agency to forefront of the Australian travel market.

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